5th District Fair (Trap Shoot) - NKSSA - Northern Kentucky Straight Shooters Association

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5th District Fair (Trap Shoot)

5th District Team Assignments
This is still a work in progress...!
Teams members may be moved around still....
Womens I
Mens I
Mens II
Mens III
Mens IV
Ashley Cope
Jillian Cottrell
Penny Wichman
Amber Carpenter
Lindsey Ward
Toby Schry
Jacob Nelson
Jeff Powell
J.T. Cottrell
Tem House
Josh Lambert
Chris "Snuff" Luken
Logan Daniels
Mike Hemingway
Nate Strong
Danny Powers
Dave Shook
Karl Moore
Mike Kenyon
Stuart Battles
Joe Jacobs
Paul Lutes
Eric Strong
Mark Eggemeier
Bruce Strange
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