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Volume 25    Issue 6                         June  2021
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  Great News! 
We no longer are under any capacity limits.
However, use of the clubhouse is still restricted. 
We are now allowed to use the restroom in the clubhouse, with a limit of one person in the building at a time.  

 We were required to submit the following “covid 19 safety protocol” in order to continue to use the facilities.
Hopefully this will not be in effect much longer, but until they relax the restrictions,
please continue to follow these protocols so that we can continue to use the range

·         All events are held outdoors.

·         All shooting positions will be at least 6 feet apart.

·          All scorekeepers/range safety officers will maintain at least 6 feet distance from competitors.

·         Hand sanitizer and sanitizing supplies will be available and bench rest stands will be sanitized after each use.

·         Masks will be required any time that 6 feet social distancing cannot be achieved if not fully  vaccinated..

·         Clubhouse restroom may be used, with a limit of 1 person in the building at a time..
Port-O-Let will continue to be maintained as restroom facilities.  Hand sanitizer will be provided.

·         Range Safety Officers will be present at all events to enforce the above protocols.

·         We will continue to encourage all vulnerable individuals at higher risk for severe illness from Covid 19 to use their best judgement and delay attending.

For the safety of all attendees, we ask that anyone with an elevated temperature (100.5 degrees Fahrenheit or above)
or showing signs of illness (coughing, shortness of breath, sneezing) remain at home during this time



Sunday,   June 13   1 pm

We will have an outdoor meeting at the covered firing line at the rifle pistol range.
Bring your own chairs.
We will not be able to have any food.
We will be able to have a swap table if you have any items that you would like to sell.
We have received special permission to have this meeting.


   Ladies Day

 Unfortunately, we were not be able to have our annual Ladies Day event in May.
We are hoping to reschedule for later this year.


Open Range

  Cost is $1 per member and $5 for non-members.
Eye and Ear protection is required. 


     Tuesday Open Range

      Every Tuesday, 12-4  

(over 45 degrees and not raining.) 



Sunday Open Range

June 6   12-5 pm

Weather permitting—over 40 degrees and not raining



June 13—immediately following the meeting



    Monday Open Range

June 7, 21

4 pm – 8 pm



June 14, 28

4 pm – 8 pm



Wednesday Open Range

June 9, 23

11 am- 4 pm



Thursday Open Range

June 3, 17

4 pm – 8 pm





Sunday, June 13—immediately following Meeting

Every Thursday   6-9 pm




Five Stand  


June 6, 20    12-4 pm

Weather permitting—over 40 degrees and not raining




 Practical Rifle


No match in June




Practical Pistol  



June 5

9 am – 2 pm


for more information and to sign up.



June 26

9 am - noon




June 12

9 am – 1 pm



Practical Pistol Practice

June 9           6-8 pm






May 30 match and May 29 practice has been canceled.


June 12,   2 pm – 5 pm

June 27, 12-5 pm

Practice Days:  June 1, 11-3 and June 27,  2-5 pm





 Youthfest was scheduled for June 19. 

It may be canceled. 

Please check the web site for more information as the date gets closer.



Subject to change.  Check our web site for updates and changes.    

 Please change the time for Monday and Thursday open range to 4-8 on your yearly calendar.


1—open range 12-4

3—open range 4-8

3—trap 6-9

5—IDPA 9-2

6—open range 12-5

6—five stand 1-4

7—open range 4-8

8—open range12-4

9—open range 11-4

9—practical pistol pract 6-9

10—trap 6-9 pm

11—silhouette practice 11-3

12—SCSA 2 9-1

12—silhouette match 2-6

13—Meeting 1 pm

13—open range 2-5

13—trap 2-5

14—open range 4-8

15—open range 12-4

17—open range 4-8

17—trap 6-9

19—Youthfest 8-5 (may cancel)

20—5 stand 12-4

21—open range 4-8

22—open range 12-4

23—open range 11-4

24—trap 6-9

26—SCSA 9-noon

26—silhouette practice 2-5

27—silhouette match 12-5

28—open range 4-8

29—open range 12-4



1—open range 4-8

1—trap 6-9

3—IDPA 9-2

4—open range 12-5

4—5 stand 12-4

5—3 position rifle 9-12

5—open range 4-8

6—open range 12-4

8—trap 6-9

9—silhouette practice 11-3

10—silhouette match 12-5

11—meeting 1 pm

11—open range 2-5

11—trap 2-5

12—open range 4-8

13—open range 12-4

14—open range 11-4

14—pract.pistol prac 6-9

15—open range 4-8

15—trap 6-9

17—SCSA 2 9 - 2

18—practical rifle 12-5

18—5 stand 12-4

19—open range 4-8

20—open range 12-4

22—trap 6-9

24—SCSA 9 - 12

24—silhouette practice 2-5

25—silhouette match 12-5

26—open range 4-8

27—open range 12-4

28—open range 11-4

29—trap 6-9



All events are weather permitting:

Open range Sundays: over 40 degrees and not raining.

Open range weekdays:  over 45 degrees and not raining

Trap: over 32 degrees and not raining.

5 stand: over   40 degrees and not raining.

Practical Rifle:  over 32 degrees and not raining.  




 Parker HVAC
JJ Parker


Bobcat Work & Light Hauling
Bob Hasekoester

Senator John Schickel
11th District
502-564-8100 Ext 617


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If you would like to place a classified ad or continue your ad in our newsletter, please contact 859-240-9057or  

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