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Current Newsletter

  Volume 28   Issue 3                                                         March 2023   
Work Day on the Range
Sunday, March 12 Check Updates Tab for this event
We will start at 11 am to do a general clean up/fix up on the range.
Brings your shovels, rakes, hoes, etc.
We will break around 1 pm for lunch.  Bring your favorite picnic items to share.
Immediately following work day (as soon as Walt says we are done) the range will be open to all workers at no charge.

NKSSA Club emails
A new Email system to replace the original listServ we had for the RSO's to email the groups as to events being canceled or open has been replaced...
Sending to the groups remains the exact same as before...
Subscribing and unsubscribing from groups has changed (for now).
Everybody is automatically added to the NKSSA group... It's a membership alert and notice (CLUB NEWS) list...
So... to be added to or removed from a Distribution List you can send a email to
Include the list you want to be added to or removed from...
LIST available:  5stand, trap, range, ppistol, prifle, silhouette, & RSO (and of course NKSSA)

The NKSSA website has had a server upgrade to be able to add several new and exciting changes like...Photo Gallery, RSO forms, member lookup, and soon to have On-Line membership application with payment portal...      

NRA Memberships
Visit our website to Join or Renew your NRA membership.    You will get a reduced rate, and a free hat...

Open Range
Cost is $1 per member and $5 for non-members.  Eye and Ear protection is required.

Tuesday Open Range
Every Tuesday, 12-4  
Weather permitting
(over 45 degrees and not raining.)

Saturday Open Range
March 4
10 am – 2 pm
Weather permitting—watch for update on NKSSA group emails

Sunday Open Range
March 5
1-5 pm
Weather permitting—over 40 degrees and not raining

Monday Open Range
March 13, 20 & 27
4 pm – dark

Wednesday Open Range
March 8 & 22
11 am- 4 pm

Thursday Open Range
March 2, 16, 30
4 pm – dark

March   23
6-9 pm
Weather permitting
Over 40 degrees and not raining
Contact: /

Five Stand
March 5 and 19
12-4 pm
Weather permitting—over 45 degrees and not raining

Practical Rifle
March 19 12-5 pm
Weather permitting—over 32 degrees and not raining or snow on the ground.

Practical Pistol
March 25
9 am - noon
 March 18

Match: March 26     12-5
Practice day:  March 25  2-5
Weather permitting

Conservation Camp
We will be sending up to 5 children to conservation camp. The child must be a child or grandchild of a member.
Camp is open to all Kentucky students who are in grades 4-6 and NOT older than 13.
Campers are picked up Monday and dropped off Friday at a predetermined location in their home or adjacent county.
Transportation is arranged by KDFWR personnel through local school districts or by charter bus service.
The camp fee includes transportation costs.          For more info about the camp:
To nominate a child, send an e-mail to, or call/text  859-240-9057.          Deadline is March 31

NRA First Steps   Pistol Course
Saturday, March 11   1-5 pm
See attached flyer
This short NRA approved course is designed for the beginner or anyone who would like to know more about how their pistol operates, or how to improve their shooting skills.
Bring your own pistol or use one of ours.
Also available for members only would be an upgrade to a basic pistol class.
For more information contact:     or Paul @ 859 727 4680

Ladies Day—April 30    
Our 23rd Annual Ladies Day will be held on Sunday, 30, starting with lunch at 1 p.m.
After lunch we will have the range open for trap, rifle, pistol and muzzleloading for the ladies only.  
We will have qualified instructors at each event.   
Best of all the cost is FREE.
Invite your family, friends and neighbors.
This event will be limited to 50 ladies and Pre-registration is required by April 25!
Flyer enclosed to share with your friends.

Ladies Day Bucket Raffle
This year we will have a “bucket” raffle at our ladies day event.
Tickets will be $1 each, 6 for $5 or 20 for $10.
You will be able to put your tickets in whichever “bucket” is designated for the prize you want to win.
This will help defray some of our expenses.
Ladies Day Bucket Raffle items  If you have something that you would like to donate, please bring it to ladies day or contact 859-240-9057.
Ladies Day Helpers are needed. If you can help out at the trap or rifle and pistol range, please contact Penny as soon as possible.
You do not have to be a certified instructor to help out.

2—open range 4-dark
4—open range 10-2
5—Open Range 1-5
5—5 stand 12-4
7—open range 12-4
8—open range 11-4
11---NRA Pistol Class 12-5
12—work day 11—
12—open range after work day (free for workers)
13—open range 4-dark
14—open range 12-4
16—open range 4-dark
18—SCSA 2 9-2
19—practical rifle 12-5
19—5 stand 12-4
20—open range 4-dark
21—open range 12-4
22—open range 11-4
23—trap 4-9
25—SCSA 9-12
25—Silhouette Practice 2-5
26—silhouette 12-5
27—open range 4-dark
28—open range 12-4
30—open range 4-dark

1—IDPA 10-2
2—Open range 1-5
2—5 stand 12-4
3—open range 4-8
6—open range 4-8
7—silhouette practice 11-2
8—silhouette match 12-5
10—open range 4-8
11--Open range12-4
12—open range 11-4
12—pract. Pistol pract. 6-9
13—trap 6-9
15—SCSA 2 9-2
16—practical rifle 12-5
16—five stand 12-4
17—open range 4-8
18—Open range12-4
20—open range 4-8
22—SCSA 9-12
22—silhouette pract 2-5
23—shotgun class 10-5
23—silhouette match 12-5
24—open range 4-8
25—open range 12-4
26—open range 11-4
27—trap 6-9
29—Long Range PR 9-4
30—Ladies Day 1-5
Parker HVAC
JJ Parker

Senator John Schickel
11th District
502-564-8100 Ext 617

Bobcat work & Light Hauling
(859) 444-9206

Continuous Improvement Coaching and Consulting
Fred Miller
CI Foundations LLC

Classified ads are free for members, space permitting.
If you would like to place a classified ad or continue your ad in our newsletter, please contact 859-240-9057 or

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