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Save the Date : July 30th
Whistler’s Day
Whistler's Day is Saturday, July 30.
This is a free event sponsored by Quail Unlimited for the youth.
Volunteers are needed to help at the rifle range.
You are welcome to bring your kids, grandkids or neighbor's kids.
Kids will be able to shoot rifles, pistols, black powder, bows and trap, as well as fishing.
The event runs form 8 am to noon with free lunch for all from 11:30-1.
You do not have to be a certified RSO to help out.
Please contact Mike before July 17 if you will be able to help.
For more information or volunteer, contact Mike at 859-393-0605.

5th District Fair
The annual 5th District Sportsman’s  fair will be on    Sunday,  August 7.
We will be entering at least 2 men’s and 1 women’s trap teams.
If you are interested in shooting on one of our teams, please contact me as soon  as possible as we will be forming our teams at the July meeting.
There will also be muzzleloading events available on    Sunday  and a youth squirrel rifle shoot on     Saturday.
Full Schedule will be available on our web site soon.

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